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Aloha, mates! 5:15 pm August 29, 2013 by Tom PowerPros HP Probook 650 G2 "Are these going to be the next generation of ProBooks, or just a collection of new specs for previous generation models? I'm wondering if anyone has any insight. I'm currently running an HP ProBook 650 G2 on 7.2.1 Ultimate. It's not getting much support these days, but I have the limited warranty and can't get an RMA to get an 8.2.1 version." 1:01 pm August 30, 2013 by Anonymous I'm sorry to say this, Tom, but these machines are not 7.2.1 machines. They're 8.2.1 machines. They can never be earlier because they didn't have the newer processors. There are three ways of handling these machines: 1) HP will continue to sell the older versions and update them to the new 8.2.1 specs. They'll sell the older versions until supply runs out or they simply run out of old machines to update. 2) HP can just update these machines by adding the updated hardware, but would not want to stop selling the older models since they have limited support. 3) HP can stop selling the older models and just offer the new 8.2.1 models. The current 8.2.1 version works on their older hardware as well as the newer ones. There's a big difference between the two machines. 3:10 am September 3, 2013 by Anonymous What about a program to go back to the original factory settings on the new machines? I had the HP ProBook 650 G2 before it was updated to 8.2.1. It was literally a machine my dad had bought for me when I was 11 years old, but only after we looked at some specs and it's much more my cup of tea. Now it's not anymore, and the machine is down in the mountains in a storeroom at a restaurant. It would be great if I could download a program that could get the old model back to the way it was. I've been doing a lot of research into what programs can do that for models prior to 8.2.1, but no luck. I know many are not interested in the old hardware anyway, but the existing models are hard to find these days. 2:27 pm September 4, 2013 by Tom Anonymous: I'm afraid



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Roland Tr8 7x7 Expansions Pack Zip melmar
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